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Never give up, never stop fighting because we never give up.

People bring us the tough cases because we fight hard, and work hard to find the best outcomes for our clients.

About 10 years ago, Ray Turner won a case in the Tribunal – a case of a Family visa with a complex scenario in which one of the children of the family was forced into a cruel marriage in order to pay for the rest of the family to make the dangerous but necessary journey to Australia by boat to save their lives. An impossible scenario, it would seem, in which to establish this child remained a ‘member of the family unit’ – a complex legal argument that Ray won in the Tribunal. We understand the law through combined decades of practice and study and this knowledge gives us the ammunition to fight. The Tribunal agreed that after escaping a marriage she did not choose this daughter remained a part of her parent’s family so she could be sponsored by her family to Australia.

As I said at the outset, never give up. The family placed their trust in us to reunite the family in Australia. By this time, the daughter had children of her own who were growing up, as children do. By the time the Department was ready to reconsider the family’s case, the daughter’s children were all aged over 18, or 23 meaning that dependency for the older children could only be established under the ‘general rule’ by showing the children had an incapacity for work due to the total or partial loss of bodily or mental functions. Another challenge. We made submissions that the children’s physical incapacity for work was the result of external forces in their country of origin which are involuntary. And we succeeded.

This was a long battle that was maintained by the courage and trust of the family who allowed us to keep fighting for them to the victory which, was a great honour.

If you have a case that seems impossible, don’t give up before you come and speak with us. We will fight for you, for your family, for your business and give you our honest and informed advice.


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