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Partner Visa: Navigating Complex Relationships with Expert Help

Love and relationships are complex – the people in the relationship are really the only people that know whether their commitment is genuine or not.

Many of us were raised with romantic and idealised images and ideas of a ‘good’ relationship. And perhaps there is some conflation between what is simple and what is good. We don’t all have a straight or simple path to love – sometimes the path is winding, and we meet our true loves under difficult circumstances – perhaps while in an unhappy marriage, or in a different country, there may be age differences, differences in religion and culture to navigate. This is all a part of each couple’s love story that has to be told through the frame of a quite unromantic migration legislation that has nothing to do with love.

We speak with so many clients, and many come to their true love later in life having married and raised children with another. The process of obtaining a Partner Visa can be especially difficult. The Partner Visa has a ‘time of application’ criterion that says you must either be in a ‘de facto’ or ‘married’ relationship. Not so easy for people leaving marriages for a new relationship given the divorce process can be long, including the need to separate for 12 months.

You would be forgiven for thinking the situation is hopeless, and that you and / or your love must depart to make an offshore application – causing years apart with the expense and complications of international travel and maintaining a genuine relationship!

The situation is not helpless for those seeking a Partner Visa. We can help you take that step toward living your best life with detailed legal submissions and advice.

We know the law, we know the courts and Tribunal’s positions – Ray and Sai win in such cases all the time, and Emma wins in such visa applications. You can benefit from what we know about visas and appeals because we make a commitment that we don’t make applications unless we think you can succeed.


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