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Partner Visa – Getting it right from the start for a better chance at success

Sometimes people come to us after they have already lodged their applications. For the most part people do a reasonable job filling out their forms but a simple mistake can have serious consequences.

The Government’s application fee for a Partner Visa is currently $8,850 for a sole applicant. Add two young kids and the cost becomes $13,280!

It’s understandable to want to save money on lawyers by making your own application but when you consider that you will not get the application fee back if the application is refused and will then have to pay for an appeal. We find that will many of our appeal clients, if they had been properly advised from the start they would not be waiting for their days in the courts and tribunals. It comes down to knowledge of the law and experience.

Further to the cost, consider the processing times. The Department estimates a processing time for offshore applications lodged today will be up to 8 years for complex matters. Making a simple mistake in an application, such as not disclosing a previous relationship or offense will make your matter more complex and that means longer processing times.

If we are instructed from the start, we can make sure the application is correct and the right questions of law are answered to give you the best chance of success.

It’s a false economy to save time and money by making your own application to end up thousands of dollars and years down the track and then have to instruct a lawyer to repair an application, or file an appeal.


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